Gender: Male
Color: Black
Parents: Barbapapa and Barbamama
Siblings: Barbabravo, Barbalala, Barbalib, Barbazoo, Barbabelle, Barbabright

Appearance and NatureEdit

Barbabeau is black in color just like his mother Barbamama. His shape is similar to that of his father Barbapapa (character) but he is much smaller in size. While all the other Barbapapas have a smooth skin, Barbabeau has hairy skin and is the only member of the Barbapapa family to have this characteristic.

Barbabeau is the artist in the family. He loves to paint and draw and engage in any kind of artistic endeavor. Like most artists, he is also rather sensitive and easily gets upset.



Barbabeau is one of the seven children of Barbapapa and Barbamama. He has three brothers and three sisters.

Name in other languagesEdit

French: "Barbouille"

Shapes ChangedEdit

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