Gender: Male
Color: Pink
Spouse: Barbamama
Children: Barbazoo, Barbalala, Barbalib, Barbabeau, Barbabelle, Barbabright, Barbabravo

Barbapapa is the main character in both the storybooks and cartoon series.

Appearance and NatureEdit

Barbapapa is bright pink in color, resembling cotton candy or bubble gum. He is very gentle by nature and rarely, if ever, loses his temper. He is also the biggest of all the Barbapapas and is as tall as two grown men. Like all Barbapapas, he is very friendly and gets along very well with humans, animals and other Barbapapas. He is also very intelligent and uses his imagination and shape-shifting ability to help others as well as solve problems in the gentlest of manners.



Barbapapa is the head of his family. His wife is Barbamama and together they have seven Barbachildren. He is a very loving husband and father. He is always there to help his children solve any problems that they encounter as well as give them important life lessons. He also enjoys having fun with his family and playing with his children.

Shapes ChangedEdit

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