Following the success of the storybooks, Barbapapa and his family made their television debut starring in their own cartoon series. The series was produced in collaboration with the Dutch company Plyscope-Polygram. The show ran for two seasons with each episode having a runtime of around 5 minutes. Apart from being entertaining, the cartoons also taught important moral lessons as well as educating children about relevant issues such as the environment.

Theme SongEdit

Here is the star it’s Barbapapa
He’ll introduce all of the other Barbapapas
They’ve got a lot of wild disguises
They can change their shapes and sizes
Very easily….
Barbapapa’s pink, he’s in the pink, he’s pinker than flamingo pink
Barbamama’s black as night, when it gets dark, she’s out of sight.
Barbazoo’s a yellow fellow,
Barbalala’s very very green,
Barbalib is orange like an orange or a tangerine
Barbabeau is black and also furry
But since he always play around with paint,
He often looks a colour that he ain’t
Now Barbabelle is deep deep purple,
Barbabright’s true true blue
Barbabravo ? he’s the one who’s redder than the setting sun
That I think is everybody done.
I wanna be like Barbapapa
Oh yes i do I wanna be a Barbapapa
They’ve got a lot of wild disguises
They can change their shapes and sizes
Very easily…. Show me your magic Barbapapa
I wanna be like Barbapapa

Season 1Edit

  1. The Birth
  2. Fire
  3. The Beach
  4. En Route
  5. The Sea
  6. India
  7. America
  8. Barbamama
  9. Port
  10. Castle
  11. House Problems
  12. Barbapapa House
  13. The Little Train
  14. The Desert
  15. The Eggs
  16. The Arts
  17. Sports
  18. Babysitter
  19. The Microscope
  20. The Railroad
  21. The Pottery
  22. The Suitcase
  23. Africa
  24. The Sheep Shearing
  25. Weaving
  26. The Bull
  27. The Milk Bottle
  28. The Transformation
  29. The Haircut
  30. The Ski
  31. Environmental Pollution
  32. The Forest
  33. The Regatta
  34. The Fleas
  35. The Wine Harvest
  36. Insects
  37. The Machine
  38. Fashion Photos
  39. The Concert
  40. The Birthday
  41. The Mountain Climber
  42. The Hunt
  43. The Picnic
  44. The Rescue
  45. Return to Earth

Season 2

  1. The Piggybank