Two Stories: How Nice is it to Laugh At Your Friends?

Barbamama and the Man-Eating Plant

One day, Barbamama got a poncho and decided to wear it. So she did. She looked elegant! She went around showing off her new poncho. But when Barbapapa and the Barbachildren saw her, they thought she looked ridiculous.

A gale of laughter arose from everyone except Barbamama and Barbabelle. Barbabelle just stared at her mother with an amused smile on her face.

Barbamama was shocked, but she was also a bit angry. She decided to get revenge on those who teased her.

Now Barbamama, she knew better, but no one dared tell her. There was no stopping her.

Later that day, she made a monster: a man-eating plant that ate even Barbapapas. It even had eyes.

‘’Oh, man-eating plant,’’ Barbamama pleaded, ‘’please eat everyone except Barbabelle who laughed at me earlier!’’

‘’I’m ready for anything!’’ the plant replied.

‘’Good!’’ answered Barbamama.

When Barbapapa, Barbalib, Barbabravo, Barbabeau, Barbazoo, and Barbalala arrived outside, the plant spotted them.

‘’I got you now!’’ the plant cried, leaning towards them.

Barbapapa and everyone else screamed and cowered in fear as the plant proceeded to devour them.

And then, another man-eating plant appeared. And another. And another. And another. Three, four, five…and then six! But wait! Another plant! That made seven! But that was not all. The plants kept coming. Eight, nine…ten! Escape was impossible for everyone now!

The first plant grabbed them all by using his hands. Now everyone was helpless!

‘’WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!?!’’ yelled Barbapapa.

‘’DON’T EAT ME, DON’T EAT ME!!!’’ howled Barbabravo.

‘’MY GLASSES!!!’’ cried Barbalib.

The first plant threw Barbapapa over to the next plant. Then it threw all the Barbachildren. Barbapapa and everyone else was a screaming mess as the plants played ‘’Catch the Barbapapa’’.

Barbabelle was watching out the window. She was horrified! ‘’Oh, no!’’ she gasped. ‘’I must get Lolita, for she is the only one who can save my friends now.’’

So Barbabelle went up to Lolita and explained frantically, ‘’Barbapapa and my friends are being tormented! You are the only one who can save them. Are you up for it?’’

Lolita nodded excitedly.

‘’Great!’’ Barbabelle said. ‘’Now go!’’

Barbabelle led the way, and opened the door that led outside. Lolita beheld the horrifying sight, too. Barbapapa and the other Barbachildren were being tossed high in the air repeatedly. And they were begging for mercy, to no avail. Lolita decided to watch to see what would happen next.

The plants were still playing their game. Barbapapa and the kids were desperately yelling for help.

‘’STOP IT!!! LEAVE ME ALONE!!!’’ Barbabright yelled.

‘’HELP!!! SOMEBODY HELP US!!!’’ Barbazoo pleaded.

‘’CAREFUL WITH MY GLASSES!!!’’ roared Barbalib.

‘’HELP!!! SOMEBODY PLEASE HELP!!!’’ screamed Barbapapa.

‘’YOU STOP THIS GAME RIGHT NOW!!!’’ Barbalala added.

Eventually, Lolita decided to take action. She barked ferociously at the plants, and they finally dropped the Barbapapas and looked at her.

‘’Well, well, well,’’ said the first plant. ‘’Who’s this?’’

Lolita barked again.

‘’It’s Lolita,’’ the second plant observed.

‘’She has come to end our fun!’’ the third plant chimed in.

‘’Let’s get her!’’ the first plant cried.

Lolita didn’t know what to do at first as the plants leaned in toward her. But then she growled, showing her teeth, and pounced! The first plant was now helpless as he desperately tried to shake Lolita off. But Lolita was too strong. Soon the other plants were being attacked, too!

‘’Lolita! She’s come to rescue us!’’ cheered Barbapapa.

‘’What a relief,’’ sighed Barbalib as she tried to fix her glasses.

By then, Lolita had defeated a few of the plants by showing off her amazing strength. She continued to do so as she growled and pulled and tugged with all her might. Within seconds, the plants stopped living and wilted.

When all the plants had been defeated, everyone who got rescued cheered. Lolita smiled triumphantly and strutted away.

When the sun started to sink into the sky, Barbamama gathered up everyone who was rescued. They were all shaken up by the whole experience.

‘’Now, my good friends,’’ lectured Barbamama, ‘’that wasn’t very considerate of you to just laugh at me without describing your feelings for my poncho first. You pretty much got me all mad. How nice is it to just laugh without describing your feelings first?’’

‘’How nice is it to let us get eaten by ten man-eating plants?’’ countered Barbapapa.

‘’OH, FOR HEAVEN’S SAKE!!!’’ cried Barbamama. ‘’Forget about that! The truth is, you just did it randomly.’’

‘’Randomly?’’ Barbalib asked.

‘’I mean,’’ Barbamama stammered, ‘’you did it without thinking.’’ Quickly, she added, ‘’But that wasn’t nice! Not at all! Not a bit!’’

‘’What are you saying?’’ Barbalala inquired.

‘’I’m saying,’’ Barbamama said forcefully, ‘’that you hurt my feelings!’’

Everyone contemplated what Barbamama had told them. Maybe they did hurt her feelings.

‘’We’re sorry that we teased you,’’ Barbabright apologized.

‘’We didn’t know that you were very sensitive,’’ Barbazoo added.

‘’Yes! Yes! That, too,’’ shouted Barbabravo.

‘’Yeah!’’ Barbabright concluded.

‘’Apology accepted!’’ Barbamama said with happiness. And from then on, Barbapapa and his friends were careful not to tease Barbamama again.


Barbalib and the Quicksand

One day, Barbabravo and Barbabright were relaxing in the hot springs when they heard Barbalib call out, ‘’Help me!’’ They swam over to her, but they weren’t being very helpful at all. They started laughing at her. Barbalib glowered at them, and steam came out of her head. She decided to get them back for their teasing.

Later that day, Barbalib saw Barbabeau painting. ‘’That’s a very good drawing,’’ Barbalib commented.

‘’Thanks!’’ Barbabeau replied. ‘’I’m going to show Barbapapa.’’ And he headed off.

Barbalib glanced around. Then, she saw something peculiar. On the ground was some quicksand. But her frown quickly turned into a smile as she thought up a plan.

‘’I will make Barbabright and Barbabravo approach this area,’’ Barbalib thought, ‘’and sink into the quicksand! Then, THEY’LL be the ones who will need to be rescued!’’

But Barbalib quickly realized that she would need something to distract the two Barbapapas. After a quick glance, she saw a dandelion! Dandelions were quite rare in this area. The dandelion she found was near the quicksand.

Quickly, Barbalib rushed toward Barbabravo and Barbabright. ‘’I found a dandelion!’’ she cried.

‘’Oh, boy!’’ said Barbabright.

So the two Barbapapas approached the area that was dangerously close to the quicksand.  Unaware of it, Barbabright and Barbabravo marveled about the dandelion.

‘’What a beautiful flower!’’ Barbabright remarked.

‘’Yes!’’ commented Barbabravo. ‘’We shall give it to Barbabelle. She’ll be very pleased.’’

Barbabright picked up the dandelion. But he wasn’t looking where he was going and went right into the quicksand!!! Barbabravo was unlucky, too.

‘’Be careful! You can sink in the quicksand very quickly, that’s why it’s called quicksand!’’ said Barbabright.

The idea made Barbabravo and Barbabright gasp in horror. ‘’HELP! HELP! HELP! HELP!!!’’ they screamed at the top of their lungs.

Their cries for help quickly brought Barbapapa and Barbamama to the area. ‘’Oh, my goodness!’’ cried Barbamama. ‘’What happened?’’

‘’It seems like they went in the quicksand,’’ Barbapapa realized as he and Barbamama got a vine and tried to rescue their sons. ‘’How foolish of them!’’

Barbabright and Barbabravo were getting more desperate as they sunk lower and lower into the quicksand. Barbamama and Barbapapa knew there was no time to waste. They each grabbed a vine and began to pull their sons out of the quicksand.

‘’HEAVE! HEAVE!’’ cried Barbapapa.

‘’I…can do it…I…can do it…’’ grunted Barbamama.

Eventually, both Barbabright and Barbabravo were out of the quicksand. They were so very relieved, but a little shaken up as well.

‘’Who let them sink into the quicksand?’’ wondered Barbamama.

‘’I don’t know! Whoever it was, they’ll get in trouble!’’ predicted Barbapapa. ‘’Let’s see who did it, shall we?’’

Barbamama agreed, and they set off. They soon found Barbalib, who, as usual, was reading books. Reading was Barbalib’s habit.

‘’Barbalib! Did you let Barbabright and Barbabravo sink into the quicksand?’’ Barbapapa asked.

‘’Yes…’’ Barbalib said in a tiny voice.

Barbalib thought that Barbapapa and Barbamama would punish her. But instead, they asked her why she did it.

‘’They were teasing me! I didn’t like it!’’ Barbalib confessed. ‘’I was so mad at them….’’

‘’That’s understandable,’’ Barbapapa said gently. ‘’Well, we’ll bring them over.’’

After a much-needed apology from both Barbabravo and Barbabright, Barbalib felt happier again.

‘’Just don’t do it again,’’ warned Barbalib.

And so they did.


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